BBA in Aviation: What is it about?

The program is designed to provide qualified candidates with little knowledge of management skills in the field of air management, as well as business and leadership performance. AVE students to integrate their management skills and solve the problems they need to address. The program also ensures that applicants feel the service of travelers and that they genuinely receive quality service. They should also ensure that airlines make smooth progress.

  • Over the next three years, the candidate will learn about airport planning, airport security, passenger forecasting, airport work, fire protection, and many other topics.
  • It provides students with a solid foundation of purpose to manage and manage. It will also teach students the ability to work well as a team, as well as the professionalism and knowledge of aviation.
  • The goal of the BBEAEA program is to create qualified aviation professionals and relevant tourism and travel sectors that have the skills to build their skills effectively for individuals. The program is entirely appropriate as it meets the needs of aviation companies.


BBA Aviation: Career Prospects

  • A course aimed at pursuing a career ankara escort bayan in the management and management of aviation activities in the aviation industry.
  • Degree consultants like Credit Control Manager, Airport Manager, Test Manager, Program Manager, Deputy Airport çankaya escort Manager, Airport Operations Manager.
  • After graduation, they can earn an MBA or an aviation degree.

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